Montpelier Tomorrow: A Novel

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MONTPELIER TOMORROW is a novel about a caregiver struggling to survive a seemingly endless ordeal, and it is the story of a family under siege.

Mid-life mom, Colleen Gallagher, would do anything to keep her children from harm. When her son-in-law falls ill with ALS, Colleen rolls up her sleeves and moves in, juggling the multiple roles of grandma, cook, and caregiver, only to discover that even her superhuman efforts can’t fix what’s wrong.

What’s wrong is not just ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Colleen begins to realize that the health care system itself is broken.

This is a novel that defies stereotypes. The dying man isn’t noble. Colleen’s daughter is grateful for the help. Colleen can’t prevent the train wreck that the young couple’s relationship becomes. Both she and her daughter are heroines, struggling against overwhelming odds.


Winner of a Gold Medal in the Readers’ Favorites International Book Award, Finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award and NextGeneration Indie Book Awards, this is a novel that explores the tricky tightrope of mother-daughter love.

Goodreads’ Listopia ranks it #1 in “Books You Need Tissues to Read” and “Non-Chicklit Books for Women.”

Listen to an interview with Marylee MacDonald on The Authors Show.

If you donated to the Ice-Bucket Challenge but don’t understand why finding a cure for ALS is so important, then read this book.