Bonds of Love & Blood: Short Stories

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BONDS OF LOVE & BLOOD is a short story collection about misplaced or displaced people.

At home and abroad, solitary travelers embark on journeys that take them where they never expected to go. A woman in Istanbul hooks up with a Kurdish rug dealer and learns a lesson about family life. A visitor to California—the elderly Tanaka—must shape up his daughter before she alienates the bridegroom. With a marriage at risk, Leslie and her Indian mother-in-law nearly come to blows over a shared kitchen. Anna, searching Prague for her runaway son, finds that even a mother’s love has limits. Walter, self-conscious about his disfiguring birthmark, finds himself marooned in a Thai beach resort. And a Maine farmer who grows heritage beans must decide whether to ride out a winter storm or swallow her pride and seek shelter with her handyman.
The twelve prize-winning stories in BONDS OF LOVE & BLOOD remind us of our universal and contradictory longing for solitude and for connection. Whether young or old, male or female, parents or children, the people in these stories stand at crossroads in their lives. Should they take a risk or turn back?


What others are saying about BONDS OF LOVE & BLOOD:

MacDonald applies insight, power, and delicacy to create characters between whom the psychic space virtually sizzles.--Kristine Morris –Foreword Reviews

In her collection of twelve brilliantly-written short stories, MacDonald explores the pain and beauty of human relationships. MacDonald’s writing is raw and visceral, creating a strong emotional connection between her characters and the reader. –US Review of Books

With elegant prose enlivened by shards of mean humor, MacDonald captures how hard it is to love or trust, at home or abroad. –Kirkus Reviews